It’s Back

Just like the Health Experts predicted

Of course Covid 19 never left, but as I write this in mid- November, the pandemic is getting very active. I hope it’s better by the time you read this, and those vaccines that we are now hearing about, are proving to be effective. Your Board had to again cancel our January 2021 luncheon since the current trend, when the decision has to be made, is only getting worse. Hopefully, those vaccines will help us get to a point where we can schedule another luncheon and you (our fellow members) are willing to come together again.

The Chicago ASHRAE trade show has also been canceled for a similar time frame in late January 2021. Many of you have made the trek down to McCormick Place to see all of the newest HVAC equipment and services. Maybe you’ve even worked at our JCI booth at that show. I know that I have not missed a Chicago ASHRAE trade show since my first booth duty in 1973. Yes I admit it is somewhat of an addiction. Even JCI has not significantly participated in every one since then. I learned quickly how long a few days of booth duty can become. JCI didn’t even provide chairs, because then the staff looked just as worn out as we actually were, and that wasn’t considered a welcoming impression for our customers. This year even ASHRAE, with all their HVAC expertise, couldn’t figure out how to hold a safe indoor event during this pandemic.

Now I’m off to start the Wisconsin deer hunt along with 600,000 +/- others in this annual blaze orange army. That’s a larger invasion of Wisconsin than the US has in most of the foreign countries where we have troops. Ponder that for awhile.

Stay safe in these trying times.

Ps: Good News – as I finish this on 11-18-2020, I note that for the first time in 4 years, JCI’s stock price has closed above the $45.69/share basis that we were all taxed up to in the 2016 inversion. Four years we’ve been in the red, it’s good to get to the positive side – I hope it lasts.