Let’s try a luncheon

Our retiree luncheons have been one of the many activities we’ve lost over the last year. Our retiree group has canceled 5 quarterly luncheons since the pandemic started in early 2020. As of early May 2021, your board of directors has decided to go ahead with the July 15 luncheon. Our recent survey of members indicates that there are enough willing to come back to this luncheon. The responses from 46 members covered the whole spectrum of what you could expect to hear. The extremes were rather restrictive on one end, or nonexistent on the other. We believe the following procedures will meet many, but not all, of the inputs that were sent back. I expect that some of these will look a little out of date by July, depending on what Covid-19 does between now and then, but now in May is when the decision needs to be made for scheduling purposes.

We will return to Alioto’s as our long time location. They have an open air tent in the back parking lot that we can use. It is right outside the exit door from the room we normally occupied. It is open to all their customers, so we may not have it all to ourselves. It will be set up with spaced tables that will seat 6 rather than the normal 8. If weather becomes extreme – too hot, too cold or strong storms – then indoor facilities with similar spacing criteria can be used. The most common response from your fellow retirees was for members to be vaccinated. So we are recommending that all attendees be vaccinated for attendance, but we are not making it an absolute requirement. Social distancing should be respected. Masks are currently required by Alioto’s, both indoors and in the tent, except when seated and eating or drinking. So bring one with you.

We will give this a try in July and see how it goes. The attendance will be whatever it is and we will adapt from there. Our retiree group is as diverse as the world we live in, so you should expect to find the whole range of pandemic opinions and responses. If you miss socializing with your fellow retirees and are comfortable in a group gathering, then please come and join in. If you are not comfortable coming to this type of event yet, then please don’t attend this one. Stay safe and hopefully we will be able to see you at one of the future events.

We will eventually settle in to a new normal.