Newsletter in Print may be at Risk

Our Newsletter in Print may be at Risk

We need your email address to build a backup communication channel. See the following.

Our printed newsletter has been a mainstay of our organization for most of our 30 years of existence. It is our most used form of communication with you – our members. Until now our company – Johnson Controls, had been gracious enough to underwrite the printing and mailing costs for this publication, but that may now be changing. As of 2019 those costs have not been covered by the company, and this looks like it will continue. We are looking for a new sponsor for this communication channel, but have not been successful so far.

It costs about $700 to print and mail each quarterly newsletter to our 500 members. That’s $1.40 for each copy mailed. So our $5 per year ($50 lifetime) dues will not cover the newsletter expense. Our WSJ Society funds could only cover this added expense for a limited time.

If our ability to send you a newsletter on a regular basis were to be compromised, we are afraid we may lose touch with many of you, and that would not be good. So we are starting a serious effort to get and maintain an up-to-date list of email addresses for all of our members. We have email addresses for some of our members, but suspect that many of them are quite old.

While we are aware that everyone may not have or use email, we need to get this channel of communication updated for everyone willing and able to move into this 21st century. We do not give these email addresses to anyone, and they are now held only by our membership chairman (Greg Pascucci, 262-549-6192).

We need to know how many members we can communicate with, and by which methods, so we can choose the best path in these changing times.

Please send us an active email address that we could use to send you information similar to the newsletter. Include your name, since all email addresses are not self-explanatory.

Send Your Name, Email Address – to ->

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Gene Strehlow
262-251-0166 (the old fashion way)