Retiree Discounts

While I type this on my HP laptop, using my discounted official version of Windows Office, sitting in my Luxaire (JCI York division) heated and cooled home, I wonder how many of you are aware of, and use, the Retiree discounts available to us via the Benefits-Opportunities Page of our website.

Find it under the Members Only tab, Benefits-Opportunities choice, and click on the “Discounts Available to Retirees of Johnson Controls”.

I don’t consider myself a professional shopper, but I might have caught a bit of this from my coupon clipping wife who is always looking for a better way to buy items that we are going to need anyway. We do a pretty good job of bypassing things that aren’t on our commonly used list.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the discounts that the Company has opened up to us as retirees. While it is not the whole list that is available to current employees, and it does change periodically, you may find some items that will save you some money, or in the case of vehicles, eliminate some of the price haggling that not everyone enjoys.

I suspect that a few of you might be able to negotiate a slightly lower car price, but I’ve found the JCI discount to be quite good and less dramatic.

In the interest of “full disclosure”, some of the products I mention here are a carryover from before I joined the Retiree ranks and are not on our current retiree list. I probably forgot some product in this tale that will come to me by the time the newsletter is printed.

Yes I bleed blue. (or is it blue and green now?)

Now I’m off to push the cart behind my “double coupon day” shopper. I‘ll use either of my JCI discounted Ford or Nissan vehicles, started by my Optima battery to get there.

Gene Strehlow