WSJ Society Newsletter SUBSCRIPTION

The times they are always changing. The Good Old Days don’t last forever, and that is now going to catch up with us and our newsletter. I am sure you all have gotten many requests to “Go Green and Save a Tree” by accepting electronic copies of everything from monthly utility bills and bank statements to annual reports. Well now it is our turn. I won’t take your time to sell the merits of saving some paper and ink (which is also true), this change is purely about the cost to your WSJ Society and our plan to keep the Society solvent. As I covered in my summer and fall newsletters, our ability to continue sending out 500 printed quarterly newsletters is coming to an end. With JCI eliminating its support for the printing and mailing of our newsletters, we cannot sustain the $1.50 per copy ($6 per year for four newsletters) on our $5 per year dues.

We plan to keep creating a quarterly newsletter. We will keep putting it, along with archive copies of past issues, on our Web page at We will also electronically mail it to any member that has emailed us their current email address to

However, for those that really need a printed copy we will have to initiate an annual subscription fee of $6.00/year in addition to your membership dues. We will start at that rate because that is our current cost, but I suspect it will rise as our future printing quantities change.

To receive a paper copy of our quarterly newsletter, send the $6.00/year annual subscription fee to our treasurer, payable to WSJ Society. Confirm your mailing address and include specific instructions on what the dollars are for, so we do not have to guess:

Annual Dues = $5/yr
Annual Newsletter Subscription = $6/yr
Quarterly Luncheon = $25/meal
Lifetime Dues = $50
Other – Describe

Mail to:      WSJ Society
P.O. Box 1425
Grafton, WI 53024.

This isn’t good news, but like our health insurance phasing out, it’s a sign of the times.

Gene Strehlow

PS: If you are reading this before 12/31/19 – get your JCI retiree medical insurance updated now if you have not yet done so. See details in Oct. President’s and Editor’s messages on our web site.