WSJ Society – Wants You

The W. S. Johnson Society of Retirees is looking to add one or two new members to our Board of Directors at this time.  As a general rule there is probably a need for at least one new board member each year as prior members either want to focus on other things, or can’t continue for some reason.  The rotation of members on this volunteer board, that coordinates the functions of your organization, keeps the ideas changing and continues to bring in fresh ideas and contacts with other retirees, or future retirees.  I’ll give a brief overview of our Board and how we go about running your WSJ Society.

We are an official non-stock corporation in the State of Wisconsin.  Our organization has the common roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, but there are other functions as well to keep this locomotive on the tracks and the wheels rolling.  Membership roster, Programs, Web-Site, Newsletter, and Luncheon coordination are activities that need to run smoothly if we all want to benefit from a well running organization.  While each board member tends to focus on certain areas, we coordinate things well enough to even out the list of duties to not overload one person, and fill in for someone having other temporary conflicts, such as travel, medical issues, or other. We meet once a quarter, generally about 6 weeks before each luncheon to assure everything is on track and covered for the next activity, and that the Newsletter is accurately pointing toward that event.  We also plan for future events and other issues that arise.  Until Covid came along we met in person.  Now we have adopted the Zoom Call approach, with a few just calling in via phone, and it is working well.  This quarterly meeting along with email and the old fashioned telephone, are our primary tools for communication.  This approach would also open the opportunity to other retirees that are more remote from SE Wisconsin, either seasonally or permanently, and may be more available for this virtual coordination.

Are you interested in getting involved to help us keep rolling?

If so, you can either call me at 262-251-0166 (leave a message – since we don’t pick up every unrecognized call) or email via the WSJ Society at  (this will be a bit delayed since it will need to be forwarded to me by another).  I can provide more detail as desired.