Job Opportunities!

June 6, 2016

Grohmann Roof-IM3

There are jobs to be had that may just fit your interests with time commitments variable for a healthy job – family balance.

And you’ll have some fun!

Creating and maintaining our website,, offers a means for you to contribute to members no matter where you live and with time commitment that is flexible to suit your schedule.

Would you like to post stories you find interesting…healthy living, financial planning, starting a business, hobbies, travel? We can set you up.

Into history? How about posting those stories from Johnson Controls history we receive from Ken Wirth? We can help you do  that!

How about contributing to your community, volunteering? Posting stories on the Front Page, or opportunities on the calendar might be of interest to you. We can help you do that also.

Like to talk to other members? How about touching base with them and posting short story like those in “Out & About…” in the Newsletter? We can help you with that.
Is there something else you would like to contribute? Let me know, let’s see what we can do.
Send a note, phone (414.351.1229), or email (

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Jude Anders Editor