Merger/On-going Discussion

May 15, 2016

Special Note

In the interest of sharing information regarding the Johnson Controls, Inc/Tyco International plc merger, we’ve been posting stories on the Front Page/Business Section. It’s definitely not a comprehensive set of stories on the subject, but it does include major releases of information.

The story entitled “Merger On-going Discussion” has a listing of news stories, press releases, and SEC filings that may help you stay aware of the situation.

Also, that listing includes a piece called: Notes: Johnson Controls, Inc/Tyco Merger.  The information source for the Notes is the Tyco S-4 Filing. It includes an investigation into the ‘proration’ calculation by the editor — who while claiming no particular expertise, was very interested in trying to understand it.

The list and stories on the Front Page/Business Section will be updated as the summer progresses, so check back for more.

Jude Anders