Winter Luncheon 2020

February 8, 2020

Event Date: January 16, 2020

Winter Luncheon – hot time on a cool day

Winter this year in Milwaukee, has been cool, but not cold by Wisconsin standards. None the less, members came to Winter Luncheon to catch up and enjoy the warmth of good friends.

We met Dale Larsen who came for his first time, the first of many we hope.

Steve Thompson, was there. His last visit was as a speaker. It was great to touch base with both Dale and Steve.










Carol Lomonaco introduced us to Jane Wamsley, a JCI Marketing Manager.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Metasys System. Many of you had a hand in that.

As part of the celebration, Jane is seeking memorabilia of the Metasys development, personal stories, photos, interesting items from those early days.

You can contact Jane at Sounds like they are going to have a party!

President Gene Strehlow updated the group on the change to Newsletter distribution. For the background on that, check Gene’s President’s Message: December 2019.

As of January 16, seven members have requested and paid for a hard copy mailing of the Newsletter. For everyone else, Greg is working on the email distribution setup. And, you can always find the latest issue and all archived issues on the website: Archive.

Gene also noted that the Board is working on options for a Reunion 2020. One is to have a ‘picnic in the park.’ Gene will keep us all updated in his President’s Message at those plans develop.

Our featured speakers after lunch were Nichali Ciaccio, and Jake Weiler from Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Jake and Nichali took us through the Habitat for Humanity story as it is being created here in Milwaukee. What a fantastic story it is!

Their model is focused on neighborhood revitalization, affordable new and existing homes for families who participate in the work and are supported to prepare them to be successful. This is combined with resident-led change for neighborhood success.

Sound good? Habitat has data to back up the impact on families, the community, and the people who volunteer in this great work. Check out the Annual Report on their website. One of the points that caught my attention, graduation rates increased to 87% from 57%. That’s impact and a real investment in our future.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit funded by corporate sponsors, fund raising, and revenues from their ReStore operation. ReStore makes great sense – donations of usable furnishings and building materials are sold for re-use – a triple whammy, landfill avoided, low cost source for building materials and furnishings, and, funding provided to support habitat homes for families. That’s sustainable best practice three times over!

Jake and Nichali also introduced us to the many ways people can contribute from their time, talent, and treasure. People don’t have to be experienced carpenters like Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have become, there’s something for everyone to do, from worksite volunteer to calling them about a ReStore opportunity the next time you are planning a re-model. They’ll help you contribute in whatever way you can. This is about community!

Thanks Jake and Nichali for introducing us to the great work Habitat is doing.

And, thanks to Jim Pasterczyk, Program Chair for another great event!

Submitted by:
Jude Anders, Editor




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